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These pants will keep you warm and dry throughout the cold winter season!

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  • Keeps you warm
  • Fleece interior for incredible comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Breathable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Machine washable

Are you tired of pants that don't really keep you warm?  Fed up with getting wet and cold every time it rains or snows?  Maybe you're sick of all of those pants that are incredibly uncomfortable?

If you are, then the Waterproof Thermal Pants will take care of all of these issues!  These amazing pants repel water and other liquids from the outside, and have a soft fleece interior that keeps you comfortable and warm on the inside.


  • Stay Warm - A special outer soft shell polyester layer keeps mother nature and the elements away from you, leaving you warm and comfortable on the inside.
  • Stay Dry - Special waterproof exterior keeps you dry from water, rain, snow and more.  Mother Nature's elements are repelled...keeping you nice and dry.
  • Comfort - Unlike most, our pants don't have a flimsy, uncomfortable, abrasive lining.  Our pants have an amazingly comfortable and soft fleece interior.
  • Fit - Elastic banding ensures a comfortable, snug fit.  Every pair comes with a free belt included!
  • Zippered Pockets - Keep your phone, keys, credit cards and other valuables safe and secure.  Eliminates the worry of valuables falling out of your pockets.
  • Dozens of Applications - These amazing pants can be worn for many different occasions.  They're perfect for hiking, camping, walking or just hanging around the house.


    ✅Free insured worldwide shipping and 50% OFF for the first 300 customers only!!!

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