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Island Breeze Pendant

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 The color blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, stability, confidence, and intelligence.

The color itself has positive effects on the mind and body. It invokes rest, and may cause production of chemicals that induce relaxation and tranquility, putting your mind at ease and melting away stress. 

Paired with a sterling silver palm tree design, this blue opal inlayed Island Breeze Pendant will create a calming, yet exciting tropical vibe that will keep you uplifted and refreshed all summer long!


  • - Blue Opal inlay
  • - 925 Sterling Silver
  • - Double palm tree heart design
  • - 20” Venetian chain, adjustable
  • - Pendant dimensions 2cm x 2.5cm

- High Quality Material That Will Not Scratch or Irritate Your Skin

***Due to holidays and high demand of our products please let 2-3 weeks for your package to arrive, Thank You***

Press On Add To Cart To Get It

Press On Add To Cart To Get It