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JetCleaner™ High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle

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INSTANT CLEANING - Easily remove stains, dirt, grime, grease and much more with the power of high vapor pressure. Clean sofas, rugs, carpets, bathrooms and more.

Transform Dirty Surfaces To Brand New!

WORKS ON ANY SURFACE - Tested and 100% safe to use on all surfaces including fabric, metal, leather, vinyl, cotton, plastic and glass.

SAVE TIME & MONEY - Cut your interior and exterior cleaning time in half. Simplify your cleaning and detailing jobs with the fastest and easiest way to clean any surface.

EASY TO USE - Simply screw the nozzle attachment onto an air compressor. Fill the reservoir with water and laundry detergent for a chemical-free solution.  Toggle the switch to begin spraying, that's it!

Perfect for Cars, Carpet, Furniture & More!

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